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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coast, you can see little systems right there. that will give us some slightly warmer temperatures, then morsel tomorrow. it's very close, more sunshine inland and 60s and 70s, and it's 5 o'clock on wednesday morning. the traffic is pretty good. >> if you want to get on the road -- well, not you. but you'd have to stay there for a bit and so do i. but if you are at home are getting on the road soon, it shouldn't be too bad. little bit of sewing on 580 and 205, but this is what you usually see. and speeds are down.
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the good thing i have to tell you is that there are no accidents or stalls reported along that stretch. if you are driving from livermore to dublin, it looks good. san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic are also light. speaking of light, 880 n. and southbound, and get to the bay bridge and it's also still light. all right, 501 amateur time. sl mentioned, today grief counselors will be available to students and teachers affected by the suicide of a student at gun high school. he was a senior there, and he killed himself at home yesterday. palo alto weekly reports the school email parents urging them to talk openly with their children and reach out for your help.
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his death comes after the center for disease control and prevention examined a cluster of students to the sides -- student suicides in recent years have palo alto schools. be neck and oakland nurse granted a stay of deportation of expires at noon today. they applied to get an extension one more year but they learned yesterday that request was denied. so they will be on a flight back to mexico with her 12-year- old son. they have lived in the united states for more than 20 years. the three daughters will stay in oakland so the focus can graduate from high school. there's a preliminary hearing set for a san mateo preschool teacher. he taught at st. matthew's episcopal school is accused of telling young
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girls what to wear and then directing them into positions. the charges to the children or between four and eight years of age. he is facing 16 separate charges including one count of possessing child pornography. also happening today, a memorial service will be held for heather hyer, woman killed in the protests last saturday. i will take you to that service this morning and we will be dipping into that. heard people in attendance are asked to wear purple, her favorite color. a nauseous sympathizer drove a car into a crowd of counterdemonstrators, killing hyer and entering other people. she was a paralegal who stood
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up for deprived and underserved. a lawsuit has been filed in those protests and two sisters filed a lawsuit against jason kessler, the suspected attacker. prominent white supremacist richard spencer and 30 other groups. the sisters say they were in the car hit during the attack. there are right wing rallies that could turn into under charlottesville. various officials are denouncing those demonstrations as well as working to stop them from taking place. local leaders say it was intended to cause violence. a breathtaking spot for tourists, and, they are plastic the decision by the national
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park service by granting a permit to a group called patriot prayer. we are not welcoming this group into san francisco to promote hate, and we think that the national park service without adequate evaluations and conditions would do just that. >> city officials are demanding that the park service to revoke the permit, if you could be violent protests similar to the clash in berkeley and charlottesville where a man drove a car into a crowd. >>they promote hate, they promote violence, they promote all of the things that we are against here in san francisco. >>the golden gate national recreation area is part of the park service. this permit has been granted without the necessary contingencies to protect the
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safety of the public and with the expectation that the city and county of san francisco will expand the resources to diffuse the situation. >> violence will not be tolerated in any form, and as mayor lee said it, we respect the rights of anyone who wants to come in protests. they had those rights under the constitution. several similar events at the same park turned violent. i've learned that police are considering car free zones to consider a repeat of charlottesville. >> we are completely supportive of our members coming out. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is ready to provide mutual aid is needed. we know we can go in with a very large footprint, with a good show of presence, that we can.
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protests planned this weekend that google offices across the country are being postponed. organizers of the event announced on their website that they are postponing a rally due to incredible alt left threats. the rallies are in support of the fired google engineer who wrote that genetic differences. the kid thompson put a rope around the statue, and more are coming, and it's up to go too far.
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>>was george washington the slaveowner? you are changing history, your changing culture. the number of local government officials are now weighing whether to keep confederate memorials in their cities and towns. it's estimated to that there are at least 1500 confederate symbols in public places. >> police are looking for the vandals who spray-painted vulgar profanity on the part of the national monuments. it was discovered early yesterday morning and crews had to use paint stripper to remove the graffiti. this is the second time this year that the lincoln memorial has been vandalized. coming up next, a when i was burglarized over the weekend and an investigation is
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underway after more than $1 million in jewelry was stolen. president trump facing more sheet over his reaction to the deadly attack in charlottesville. his new comment set off a wave of backlash and protests. >>we do have traffic that is going to be okay. more people on the road but still a decent drive this morning from lafayette and walnut creek into oakland. no backlash on our temperatures. if you like a cooler pattern monday and tuesday, it's about as good as it gets that's about early june. but it does look warmer away from the coast. we will take a look at the wednesday numbers.
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the president so coming in this morning, the contentious news conference of the president blaming both sides for the weekend violence in charlottesville. cnet reports on the backlash over presidents latest comments. >> from the lobby of trump tower in new york, president trump was clear in his denunciation of white supremacists. i have condemned neo-nazis. i have condemned many different groups. >> clear to come in condemning james fields, the suspect in a deadly car attack saturday. but the controversy within the presidents renewed statements, he believes the fault is shared
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by white supremacist groups and counter protesters. >> i think there is blame on both sides. you look at both sides and i think there is blame on both sides. what about the alt left that came charging, as you say, to the altar right? do they have any semblance of guilt? >> chair of the republican party's the president was making an important point. >> the president has to be the president of all. he has to say, all violence is bad. he can't say some violence is worse than others. >> other say the president went too far. >> not all of those people were neo-nazis, believe me. not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch. those people were also there because they want to protests the taking down of a statute --
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statue, robert e lee. you take a look at some of the groups and you see, and you know if you are honest reporters, which in many cases, you are not. but many people were there to protest taking down of statue robert e lee. this week it is robert e lee, then next it will be stonewalled jackson. >> former ku klux klan leader in the duke tweeted, thank you president trump for your eyes see and courage to tell the truth about charlottesville and condemn the leftist terrorists. this condemned his remarks. >> there is no equivalency here, though equivalency between people who have a valid stated views, the commit themselves to racism. they are trying to put themselves in an air of acceptability. >> i believe the president doesn't understand, i don't think he's capable of disavowing that collection of people for fear that it may
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cause him to be unelected. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been taking to social media, criticizing president trumps response to the attacks in charlottesville. speaker paul ryan said it, we must be clear, there can be no moral ambiguity. house minority leader nancy pelosi posted this on social media. president donald trump, we heard you loud and clear, ignoring the abhorrent evil of white supremacist them as an attack on american values. and this tweet from mitt romney in reference to similarities between the alt right and what president trump called the alt left-no, not the same. one side is racist bigoted [null] and the other opposes.
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morally different universes. >>meanwhile there was a gathering to call for peace between the united states and north korea. a few dozen protesters rallied, including the threat of fire and fury from a week back. the resources devoted to the military would be better used to improve the lives and people -- of people right back here at home. >>unless we met with other folks who also think it's insane to launch another war against another country, the trump administration under what was the obama administration, all of these things but the degradation of life here. >> the demonstrators also say that 25 million citizens of north korea should not be demonized to provide a rationale for a military conflict. it's 516
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it's 5:16 am, let's check in with south. >> the traffic is going to be okay if you are driving from gilroy to san jose, and no surprises for you. you may have some road work from here to there. and the traffic is very light out of down town, and, then we will see a bigger backup. at 5:17 am, let's bring steve and. >> good morning everybody, frank and i are sitting here chatting. >> it is a small world.
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of pretty good fog bank out there, and it still below average for many. that includes san francisco, and up to santa rosa. they are getting closer to average and i think tomorrow, and it's starting to cool things down. it was kind of these into it. and, san rafael, a cool, cool 69. and, san francisco police 55,
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so you get some onshore breeze and a little system something in. and that the strong surge from so early in the morning. and, visit the variable some, and 58 through 60 in the city, and, very close on the temps including the coastal they and inland., san rafael, 56, 52 bodega bay and mid 50s.
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and, afternoon thunderstorms are possible over the sierra again, i do favor more towards the nevada side that will mention it there. for us, temperatures will start to warm up. california is dealing with low clouds and fog , and 62 in pacifica, to 88 in antioch. 79 in morgan hill, 78 santa rosa. temperatures on that side. coming up next, a a deadly fire and a mobile home park in the south bay. the tragic fire that crews
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a store click on the device after three men were in the store at the 76 station on a ratio boulevard. two of the suspects were described as men in their 20s with a simple build and short black hair. amazon now has an instant pick up service, and the service allows customers to order certain items and pick their orders up with him just two minutes. the service is limited to fast selling items that just snacks, drinks and other amazon products . using a barcode, customers pick up their order in a locker. and imagine paying $10 per month to see all of the moving -- movies you want. and there is any theater in the us take a debit card.
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movie pass would reimburse theaters for the full price of each ticket. still, amc theaters say it is working to stop the service and it's theaters, calling it unsustainable. it looks like it could be a record-setting weekend for labor day, just weeks away. 60 million people were look to the skies for the three-day weekend in september, up 5% from last year. airlines are increasing flights of the weekend to keep up with the demand. are you getting ready to book a flight for the holiday? then you might want to listen up. a new study by trip advisor shows one third of passengers would willingly take extra to avoid sitting next to or around a baby. so, what can you do for a peaceful flight? experts say try a seat away from bulkheads which are the only places on the plane that can safely hold a baby seat.
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the other, click a redeye. up next, medical marijuana for treatment of pain and ptsd. a new study finds that drugs may not be an effective treatment for their condition. and new details and the suspect of a killing of a man in twin peaks. a miscalculation may have led to his release from jail. we see that the south bay commute is off to a nice start. this is downtown san jose, northbound to 80 on the right. you can see that traffic is moving well around the corner. and we have another extensive fog bank. most locations are staying cloudy, but we can see what's in store the next few days.
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there's a good reason why we are showing you graceland and should listening to all this. today marks 40 years since the king passed away. and they start in several movies, and, later tonight
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there will be an anniversary concert honoring the great elvis presley. >>and, is a live picture. >>can wayne and, i know. >>you can get that close, i'm just surprised that there aren't any people standing by there. but they had a memorial last night, they had a vigil. >> working at a 711, and conquered it. >>where were you when you got the news? >> it came over the radio. >> >>. and i was hoping a lady
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take her groceries out to the car, and she said, you heard, right? elvis died. >>alive. >> i was just out of high school. >>they will never let me back in. while -- low clouds and lots of go-round. slightly closer, and tomorrow is the day we get near to that. but it's flying up there to the north., 50s or 60s, 59 and walnut
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creek, and 57 and 10 present -- san ramon. that much of a change here, the temp looks to be warmer, but 60s, 70s and 80s. >>i like hearing those stories. thank you very much. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. this morning's commute, as we are driving from vacaville to and a couple days before we had that 37, very slow start. it's better than it was, in case you are wondering. all of a sudden there is kind
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of a figure backup here. if you are driving on interstate 80, north and southbound, it's not a bad drive. new this morning, the santa cruz sheriffs offices is looking for a man after a shot exploded. that said was on no road. there are remnants of oil extraction operations, and they believe the equipment was used to produce hash east -- hashish oil. and that's the whole on golden wheel mobile home park. crews arrived within five minutes, but the front of the home had already collapsed. it took hours to find the second child. neighbors say they tried to help the people inside when the flames first broke out.
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>>the flames were coming out all of the windows and of course , i was in a panic. and, it did burn very quickly. >>the family that lived in the home were vietnamese and included three generations. a miscalculation may have led to the release of a suspect who later robbed and killed a man. he's accused of shooting and killing 71-year-old ed french and then stealing his camera. he has been release five days earlier on a gun charge. he was released on psa or
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public safety assessment, based on the criminals prior history. we have learned that he should not have been eligible for release but a prior incarceration in san mateo was not factored in. >> someone has to be held accountable for making that error. someone made a mistake. but, another issue is the process itself. it takes the human element out and it's just numbers. >> under the psa designed by a criminal justice foundation, it's not factored into an inmate's score. they are designed -- the same and they are not affected if they carry a gun, only if they use it. and
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[music] 40-year-old david the poor has died when someone stole his laptop from him while he was sitting at a cafi in oakland. he chased down the man, dragged by the feast getaway car. however, he died of his injuries later. it's terribly terribly touching. it's touching because a community i never knew existed, they are there supporting my son. his family says crimestoppers is now offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to the information on
5:37 am
who killed his son. he's hoping that someone will stop -- step up with information. >>sources report: no was being rented by bruce cars who is part owner of the golden state warriors. he and his wife first visiting san francisco to see their son michael perform his band, lawrence, at golden gate park on saturday. the are told the limo was parked at the great highway and balboa street. a witness reported a suspect vehicle driving off and took a photo of that car. when police attempted to make a traffic stop, the car sped off. police arrested two of the four people inside the car and the other two ran off. they are still following up on the case and they would not say if any of the storm jewelry has
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been recovered. a convicted sex offender is apparently left in sonoma county after a heavy public outcry. police say that he invites attention to himself by posting videos on youtube showing him a costing women. he was convicted for lewd comments and prepositioning of a 15-year-old girl. emily's living at his father's apartment complex were concerned after park police posted fires about him over the weekend. >> and one of his you to posts, he talks about, if a woman was worth it, he would chase her down if he knew he could get hurt. >>he said he hoped to start a polygamist colony and the bay area. he has now moved back home to southern california. park police are waiting to hear that he has reregistered as a sex offender and his new location. a former dental assistant
5:39 am
has admitted to molesting young girls under anesthesia. he initially pled not guilty to the charges back in may. he touched at least five girls while working, and authorities say they fear that there were other victims. san francisco police say they have administered a drug to help save the life of a heroin user for the first time. officers were called to the walgreens and apparently this man suffered an opiate overdose. the man went from unresponsive to talking with the officers. >> in this case, the man's life was saved because of the narcan. while there are not very many overdoses in campbell, and, we
5:40 am
are medical marijuana helps patients. there is little scientific evidence to support marijuana defectiveness or safety. up to 80% of people who requested medical marijuana are looking to ease pain and up to one third site ptsd as their main reason. researchers say previous studies on cannabis or ptsd were not thorough enough to draw any real conclusions, and the only pain that it seems to have an effect on his neuropathic or nerve pain.
5:41 am
researchers say doctors need to explain all the potential benefits and harms of marijuana use to their patients. we want to check in with alley restless now come on a story that she's following. >> the bart board of directors are considering a later start -- start time. right now trained start running at 4 am and they are thinking about pushing that back to 5 am. it's a old transit system, and in need of some maintenance. after the board approved the measure in november, now the agency just needs to find the time to be able to do that. one option that part is considering in order to get that work done is starting to train later. and that schedule change could happen as early as next year. that's one thing that they are thinking about and considering. according to the san francisco chronicle, you have to wonder,
5:42 am
what are all of those people going to do? the commuters we talked to this morning say a.m. later start time for part will be painfully inconvenient for them. >> the train is already crowded as it is. i think it's going to be difficult for a lot of people. >>it's not a nine car train, it's a five car train. and if you think about later, it will be like sardines. no final decision has been made on a early start time. about one year from now, they are doing some work and they are talking about starting the early start time months earlier than that next year just so they can get some extra work done as well. but we will see what they decide on in the coming weeks.
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the time now, 5:42 am. still ahead, a plea for help after a man lost his dog. coming up in the next half hour , we will tell you how to get scott away with dog during a trip to the grocery store. and $21 billion for muni. more on the plan for the money and where the money went come from. you can see the traffic is getting busier all over the place, look at the bay bridge. it doesn't look like it's moving very well. it will get to the bottom of this commute into the san francisco, straight ahead. fog continues for much of the coast but it's also making a good push inland. we will show you the wednesday numbers.
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another public hearing will be held to discuss possible plans to build a commuter rail line right next to the dumbarton bridge.
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the plan is to use an old railroad trestle and that would connect caltrain running up and down the peninsula to the ultima corridor is expressed. the idea has been around for a number of years but facebook recently picked it up after expanding its campus. commuters we see said a rail line could help with increasingly bad traffic. >> on the way home, we have to wait. wait until about seven to go home just because a traffic is really bad. >> it takes me about an hour and a half which is insane. but is just the population is growing so fast. tonight's public hearing will be held at x 30 p.m. and you can check it out at the east palo alto library. >>the muni board of directors is raising money and improving facilities over the next 20
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years. and, even though the board has approved the funding it still up to the city to find out where that money is coming from. public approval is still needed to secure its state and local funding. >> you are doing okay. we have a lot of the slow traffic here. let's go to the ultima past. you can see that traffic is going to be slow as you drive through which is not going to be unusual. if you are driving to castro valley, once you get to the y, you will see some stop and go traffic already getting into that area. you are also looking at interstate you are also looking
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at interstate 880. what's not moving is the bay bridge, kind of an early backup here, and it's pretty crowded getting into san francisco. >> we do have the typical fog and low clouds, and it's making a big push again today. it's probably close on the fog, but temperatures to look like they will warm up some. we will go 74 today, palo alto from 74 to 75 and it wouldn't take much to jump some of these inland temps up. it settled into stay with just a slight warm-up, and that's about 100 below average for some away from the coast. there are some that are warmer and some that are cooler, but when that cloud deck makes it well up into sonoma county,
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that means everyone is in on it. that includes peninsula, south bay and plenty of low clouds which will burn off sooner today. there's still in onshore breeze and plenty of low clouds. 56 fairfield, and 61 oakland and also berkeley. black hawk and 59, and low clouds and fog, and some activity if you are in the mountains. it's close up to the northeast at california and a couple little spins in the atmosphere. i kind of keeps the pattern lupton, so if you are well in, you may get some upper 80s. 60s and 70s for most and temperatures have been a slow climb up here. but they continue their march up from the cool day that they had. today will be warmer than most and we will continue that the inland. not so much the coast
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but inland. you know, that's okay. it was a long hot summer for some. >>it was blazing hot, not only here but, sacramento and reno. >> you heard from lots of people there. >> yes. is a new shade of purple to remember prints. we have more on the color that will honor the music icon.
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>>we have new information this morning surrounded the death of actor john curry. he died at a palo alto hotel, just days after undergoing back surgery. you see him here as the father on home alone. he was 71 years old. >> prints now has his own shade of purple. the institute unveiled love simple number two. prince as a estate help design the shade of purple for the honor. thousands of students at uc berkeley breaking the world record. they hold the guinness world record for the largest human letter. take a look. 7000 7900 students find that on
5:54 am
the cal organized this event, all in an effort for students to take a class photo. the athletics be the royals from 10 until eight. the they had a one run lead in the eighth inning, but santiago castille would blow a save opportunity. they gave up three runs, and. >> that would be a little bit too perfect. >> gordon out the door, gordon near the wall. one run scored, two runs for, and taking the lead. >> three-run double from matt joyce, with two outs in the bottom of the eighth.
5:55 am
>> come on. >> they scored six runs in the inning, and they went on to win and wrap up the series this afternoon. how about the giants, not even medicine baumgartner could keep the hottest hitter inside of the park yesterday. hello drive. left field , it is gone. >> he has six homers and six straight games. he got it back with a solo home run of his own, and now we will take you to the seventh. the right fielder comes up throwing, and that will sail into the seat. he gets up and will score. giants and marlins wrapping up the series later this morning, and the first pitch is at 10 wrapping up the series later this morning, and the first pitch is at 10:10 am our time. a memorial service for
5:56 am
heather higher who was killed during riots in child over the weekend. we want to take you there live this morning and we will have more on the ceremony to show you more on the other people who were injured. president trump once again questioned about events in charlottesville and once again creates a controversy. we will have more on that in just a moment. we do have traffic that is getting busier, and many areas out there including the san mateo bridge. and, with it continues to ramp up. we will talk about some temperatures but it does not look that much warmer on the coast. only inland.
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good morning and thanks for joining us. if you are just waking up, he has a typical bay area morning. >> pretty much, i think we know
5:59 am
that drill. >> it feels cool for august. >>it was blazing hot for a long time. not for the coast, but for the city. there is a lot of low clouds to come around. water temperatures cooled off, 52-55 for bodega bay and san francisco, and that helps. the fog looks like it will burn off sooner today, so a little bit warmer from the coast. tomorrow, friday should be warmer for the most. you could even warm-up the coast but there is a lot of fog to go around. it's making a strong push north and south, even east. we start off with mainly gray skies and the cool air actually goes all the way down to southern california. onshore breeze, everyone has been about 50 of each other. los altos has 63, union city
6:00 am
and fremont, low 60s. gray skies to start, but another day of temperatures slightly below average. they are warming up a little bit for those away from the coast, not much change. the more should be closer to about 88, 82. >> we don't have a many issues, and if you are driving to the bay bridge, you will see a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the spam. it looks good in san francisco, but this is a look at interstate but this is a look at interstate 80. highway 4 is already slow, and it's not a slow as it was yesterday. it's only a little bit slow over the will pass grade.


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